A look back at the year


Technology Transfer

In 2014, the CRG´s Technology Transfer Department consolidated its new model and defined its future efforts, which are represented in the following figure.


One of the central tasks in the technology transfer process consists of technology scouting, identifying and evaluating discoveries and inventions generated at the CRG. Consequently, during 2014 the Technology Transfer team started an intense scouting campaign reflected by an increase in reported inventions of over 600% compared to 2013. In addition the Technology Transfer department reviewed more than one hundred agreements, representing an increase of 20% in the number of technology transactions during 2013.



Together, the transactions represented a total income of €309,203 during 2014 from out-licencing, services offered to companies, and from sponsored research agreements with the private sector.

We are convinced of the importance of generating business and technology transfer awareness in life sciences, not only to foster entrepreneurship but also to provide the scientific community with training in business knowledge in order to support scientists who wish to pursue careers outside academia.

Consequently, during 2014 we organised the 1st CRG Bio-Business School. This first edition of the Bio-Business School, sponsored by Interreg IVC, was a complete success and we will definitely repeat it in the coming years. Two particular aspects of the workshop were highlighted by both participants and speakers: the fact that the workshop format included sessions discussing real projects, and a round table at the end of the workshop with investors, which provided feedback for participants’ projects, and which has motivated a series of follow up conversations.

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