Bioinformatics and Genomics


Computational Biology of RNA Processing

Roderic Guigó
Rory Johnson
Sarah Djebali, Dmitry Pervouchine, Marta Melé (until March), Silvia Pérez-Lluch, Ferran Reverter, Barbara Uszczynska, Alexandre Esteban (from March), Marco Mariotti (from November)
Joao Curado, Didac Santesmases, Alessandra Breschi, Amadis Pagés, Sebastian Ullrich, Reza Sodaei, Juna Carlevaro
Julien Lagarde, Francisco Câmara, Carmen Arnán, Emilio Palumbo, Maria Sanz (until July), Anna Vlasova, Amaya Abad
Annalaura Vacca, Iago Maceda, Bernardo Rodríguez, Andrés Arturo Lanzos


Research in our group ( focuses on the investigation of the signals involved in gene specification in genomic sequences (promoter elements, splice sites, translation initiation sites, etc…). We are interested both in the mechanism of their recognition and processing, and in their evolution. In addition, but related to this basic component of our research, our group is also involved in the development of software for gene prediction and annotation in genomic sequences. Our group has actively participated in the analysis of many eukaryotic genomes and it is involved in a number of international projects: ENCODE, GTEx, BluePrint and the International Cancer Genome Consortium. We are the Genomics node of the Spanish Instituto Nacional de Bioinformatica.

Research Projects

  • Gene prediction/Genome Annotatoin
  • Selenoprotein identification and evolution
  • Compuational Methods for Transcriptome analysis
  • Epigenetic Regulation of RNA processing
  • Identification and characterization of long non coding RNAs

Selected Publications

Ferreira PG, Jares P, Rico D, Gómez-López G, Martínez-Trillos A, Villamor N, Ecker S, González-Pérez A, Knowles DG, Monlong J, Johnson R, Quesada V, Gouin A, Djebali S, López-Guerra M, Colomer D, Royo C, Cazorla M, Pinyol M, Clot G, Aymerich M, Rozman M, Kulis M, Tamborero D, Papasaikas P, Blanc J, Gut M, Gut I, Puente XS, Pisano DG, Martin-Subero JI, López-Bigas N, López-Guillermo A, Valencia A, López-Otín C, Campo E, Guigo R.
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Genome Res,24(2):212-26. doi: 10.1101/gr.152132.112 (2014).

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Johnson R, Guigó R.
“The RIDL hypothesis: transposable elements as functional domains of long noncoding RNAs”.
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Nature, 515(7527):355-64 (2014).