Bioinformatics and Genomics


EGA Team. European Genome-Phenome Archive at the CRG

Arcadi Navarro
Mario Alberich, Angel Carreño, Sabela de la Torre, Oscar Martinez, Mauricio Moldes, Jordi Rambla, Marc Sitges


The EGA is a service for permanent archiving and sharing of all types of personally identifiable genetic and phenotypic data resulting from biomedical research projects. The data at EGA was collected from individuals whose consent agreements authorize data release only for specific research use or to bona fide researchers. Strict protocols govern how information is managed, stored and distributed by the EGA project (view Security Documentation).

Since its launch, researchers from around the world have deposited and accessed data from over 650 studies in the EGA of various types. These studies vary from large-scale array-based genotyping experiments on thousands of samples in case-control designs or population based studies, to sequencing-based studies designed to understand changes in the genome, transcriptome or epigenome in both normal tissue and in various diseases such as cancer. As a result, the EGA has grown from about 50 TB to 1300 TB during the last three years.

Research Projects

  • Secure storage and distribution of human personal identifying data.
  • Analysis of relationships between genomes and phenomes
  • Evolutionary medicine

Selected Publications

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