Core Facilities


Biomolecular Screening and Protein Technologies Unit

Carlo Carolis
Miriam Alloza, Silvia Speroni


The Biomolecular Screening & Protein Technologies Unit (BMS&PT) provides researchers at CRG/PRBB and external institutions with a state-of-the-art technology platform and broad knowledge and expertise to perform the following services:

  1. Full-service production of plasmid clones, mutants, fusion constructs, libraries.
  2. Expression in bacteria, baculovirus- insect cell and mammalian cell systems
  3. Providing rapid and robust solutions for purification of high quality protein
  4. Measurement and analysis of protein-protein, protein-nucleic acids and drug-protein interactions. (Biacore T100, ITC , Nanolith NT115)
  5. Automation technology for screening assays (Tecan evo200 and Sciclone robotic platforms)

These goals are accomplished by a centralized laboratory with dedicated, experienced staff, which enables high-throughput, economy of scale, virus preparation and protein expression services, including quality assurance and control procedures to ensure efficient, consistent production and purification of recombinant proteins.

In 2014, more than 200 recombinant proteins produced by the facility have been used for analytical biochemistry studies designed to investigate enzymatic properties, structure-function relationships between protein-protein, protein-nucleic-acid, and protein-small molecule interactions, custom antibody production.

In addition, the facility enables investigators to apply cutting edge technology and unique resources to discover molecular, genetic, and small molecule compounds suitable to further study the functions of poorly understood proteins, signalling pathways, and cells in complex biological processes.

Research Projects

  • Development of new HTP screening strategy to identify protein-protein and protein-nucleic acids interaction.
  • Implementation of the CRISPR-Cas9 technology for genome editing
  • Implementation of improved methodologies for DNA assembly applications
  • Implementation of a wide range of pre-programmed application protocols in our liquid chromatography platforms to minimize preparation and run times in protein purification.

Selected Publications

Fresquet V, Rieger M, Carolis C, García-Barchino MJ, Martinez-Climent JA.
“Acquired mutations in BCL2 family proteins conferring resistance to the BH3 mimetic ABT-199 in lymphoma.”
Blood, 123(26):4111-9 (2014).